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Injury at Birth

Injury at birth can result from a number of problems, including medical error or negligence.

Leading causes of injury at birth include oxygen deprivation and mechanical trauma. In many instances, infants sustain an injury at birth through the error or negligence of medical professionals. Certain errors greatly increase the chances for injury at birth, including underestimating birth weight, using excessive force, or failing to monitor fetal distress.

An injury at birth may be a minor problem that is easily treated, or it may cause lifelong complications. Injury at birth examples range from skin irritation to permanent paralysis and brain damage. Children who sustain an injury at birth may suffer deformities, limited motor or verbal skills, long-term seizure disorders, or cerebral palsy. Injury at birth also adversely affects parents, who suffer enormous stress as a result of their child’s injury at birth, in addition to lost wages, medical bills, and other financial losses.

If your child suffered an injury at birth, you may be entitled to recover economic and non-economic losses stemming from that injury at birth. If medical error or negligence is at fault, your actions could also prevent an injury at birth from occurring to another infant at that medical facility. An attorney experienced in injury at birth cases may be able to help you determine the best course of action for your family.

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