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Assistance Dog Provides Support for CP Patient

Eight-year-old Mason Murphy relies on his best friend Crisp for everyday tasks such as taking off his socks and bringing him toys. Crisp, a Labrador-golden retriever mix, is an assistance companion to Mason whose cerebral palsy prevents him from using his legs.

Mason’s mom, Page Murphy said Crisp goes everywhere with Mason and has helped build his confidence.

“When Mason is out with the dog, a lot of the attention is taken off of him and his wheelchair and people focus on the dog, which is nice,” Murphy said. “It helps him make friends, and the companionship is awesome.”

According to an article published by The Republic, Murphy found out about assistance dogs at a cerebral palsy conference about two years ago. She said she put their names on a waiting list with Canine Companions and waited two years before being matched with a dog that fit their needs.

Volunteers raise the dogs for about one year and then they are professionally trained. The dogs are placed with people with disabilities for free; it costs Canine Companions about $45,000 to raise and train the dogs.

(Source: The Republic)

If your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, there are several resources such as assistance dogs that are available. To learn more about the available resources and to find out if you qualify for financial compensation to help provide for your child, please contact our cerebral palsy lawyers today.